I remember one dream.

I stayed in an island by myself and was living in complete nature. There was a small tribe on the island there too that were there since a very long time and they were friendly. Basically the only things that U brought with me from society besides clothes were soaps because I still washed myself including the hair before bed, the rest (maybe some food - that came back before i got up and do not remember much unless that was it) was all from what I found on the island plus I made sure to not pollute or destroy anything. When they came to pick me up (im not sure but at least dad and maybe also mom could of been on that boat) I was on it and I think it had started to drive but I saw a Killer Whale and I came off the boat and ran where he or she was because we had been friends. Then the ending was me swimming far and meeting Dolphins and ending up friend with them too, that was the end of the dream and I am not sure if that happened there or the dream rewinded to go to that time (maybe it was me thinking about it), the Killer Whale was where the beach was but at that place the water was super deep so he or she was not in danger.