I remember one dream.

The start was like a commercial for a vacation then it was me actually walking there (we could see a person walking on a beach and it was surrounded first by a restaurant [i think it started in a hotel] then chairs to sit then just the beach all with people around and with a person narrating what was in the place and there was swings too near the water where people could decide to jump in the water and i saw a woman doing that where she jumped at the start of the water and eventhough there was barely any water she ended up making a big splash and under lots of water) and soon I ran and jumped in the water, I ended up farther than anyone else and I did not realised when I swam right above a Shark. After a few more Sharks I finally saw them and after being able to get away from some who wanted to attack me by moving away from them I was able to get to a small rock. I then started to scream for help and I was soon seen and they soon understood what was going on. I saw a bigger rock and screamed that I could make it, they tried to stop me but I jumped in the water and made it. By then I was closer to the beach and the water was less high so I decided to try it and I made it without any Sharks going after me like they did when I tried for the bigger rock. By that time it was like we were on a small island mostly of rock and everyone was freaking out. We walked to see where was the highest part for when the water would rise.