I remember three dreams.

I and a few other people had to hide something that was very important. We decided to go where there were lockers in a school but it was also freezers. We were seen when we entered there either by those after us and that thing or they told them. Others too were in that room so we could not hide it then but we kept wanting to hide it there. The people after that thing ended up there too. I remember either me or someone putting the thing in one of the freezer/locker but that is it (maybe that was it for the dream too).

Robots that looked like real humans were amongst us. A man had major health problems and this is how we saw that this is what was going on but that man was a human, I think it is the robot that was him or someone else was supposed to help his health, that robot ended up where all robots ended up when they were no longer needed. Sadly even those very damaged could not die, they stayed sentient. The one sent there or maybe another one tried to kill itself but it did not work and just when someone said they cannot die she tried again and it worked or at least seemed to work. That place was sad, most robots did not move because they could not but we could see behind the eyes they were conscious.

A friend of mine had disappeared and somehow I knew where to look for clues. I ended up with a detective of I think FBI, we were in a place where lockers were and I easily found hers (i think this is where we used to go to school in the dream), it was full of things and I told the man that she had probably left clues in writing so we looked at everything, I found writings but it was not hers then I or him or we found a bunch of numbers and this was it, I or he or we were able to guess what it all meant. I was in danger so I had to go hide and he told me I had enough time to go back to my home that was the Saint-Hubert house to get a few things, I was able to get all my clothes at least and my four musketeers too (i thought of all the others but in that dream they were gone too). Told my parents and they were taking too long so they did not bring a lot of their stuff. I think it was a plane parked right next to the house and it was close but we all got away in time.