This is a dream I had a very long time ago, but it foretold of coming events regarding my daughter:

My children (I had three) and I were standing on the front porch of a beach house that was right on the shoreline. There was a tsunami coming and we could see this gigantic wave cresting before us. I gathered my children in my arms and told them to hold onto me and the porch poles as we braced for the wave to hit us. And it did. Hard.

The wave pulled back towards to sea and my little girl was yanked from my arms because the force of the wave was so strong. I screamed and felt this terrifying panic. Then, the next wave hit us but I felt my daughter in there so I grabbed her and held tight.

As the water receded, we stood there drenched but relieved that we all were together.

In my waking life, my daughter was diagnosed with the same terminal genetic disorder that killed my youngest. Hers is a milder case so it turns out that she could live a somewhat typical lifespan. And then, we just learned that there is a cure being tested in clinical trials now that the FDA could approve.

So, as in my dream, although she was whisked away from me, she has returned to my arms once again.

Lori Chidori Phillips
Bellaonline Dreams editor
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