I remember three dreams.

My alarm clock went on and I decided to close it and stay in bed eventhough I was not that tired and also eventhough I was in a week of a Tennis tournament that I was watching. I told myself it did not matter because Rafael Nadal was not playing that day and then thought about how I will have problems going to bed early that day since he would play the next day but stayed in bed anyway but I felt bad and two minutes later I got up still feeling bad about this.

I decided to go check what was going on with The Bold And The Beautiful, it was the same thing with Brooke and Ridge and the rest too had not changed a lot.

I decided to get a pet and I think I went with a Bird but I know that I was also thinking about a Dog or a Cat and probably other animals too. I also think I was still living with my parents but somewhere else, yes I think we were living in a attached house or something like that where I had my part and they had theirs or we maybe were to move in a place like that, oh now I remember we were about to move and I wanted a pet in the new place.