I remember two dreams.

A man with his wife and two children were on vacation. At one point they needed something but the wife refused that he go with the car and it was a long way to the store. He got his backpack and the two kids and they went, the kids especially the youngest were whining because it was a long way to walk and he was trying his best to calm them. He had bought his and the kids things in case the mother would leave and this is what happened. They ended up walking for weeks or days to their house who was the Saint-Hubert house and he thought that she would only had left behind pictures and things like that and he was right. They were penniless and she had either brought with her or destroyed everything of value and everything that was needed to live. He was doing his best to help his kids stay calm and think of a way for them to survive.

A small concert in a small room was going to happen but when it started the band (which changed a few times - it like rewinded then started again at least once or twice) was playing well and the people were somehow disappointed and started to leave one by one, they kept playing and I decided to remain anyway and so a few other people who were treated like royalty and friends by them after they finished playing. Either when they left or before or both times I was walking around that place that was an hotel, I was not supposed to go to a few or most or all of those places but even when people saw me they did not stop me.