I remember one dream.

I was going to go to an appointment, dad was driving and mom was there too. We left early to shop and before leaving she said she had to go somewhere real quick but it took a longer time and when she came out she looked like she had received a really bad news. I asked her when she came back to the car and did not talk so I went where she went, what I remember next (this is how it happened in the dream) is that she was sitting in what seemed a waiting room and I asked a doctor and he said that what had happened to her many years ago (never happened in real life - 1 of her organs was twisted or had an ernia or something like that) was back and this time nothing could be done, she had a few weeks of life. I asked if something could be done or at least operate so they could really see and maybe then something could be done and he said no. We all left and went back to the car then back home where she went straight to the paint (in real life she is about to start painting the basement) and I took it from her and asked will you really spend the rest of your life painting and doing other work, go out walking at least, have fun for the rest of it and she replied that this was what she wanted to do. I looked at the time and there was enough time to go to my appointment so I mentioned it and dad was facing the wall and his shirt was opened and he said okay but I will probably die tonight and I rolled my eyes and waited for him to drive me, mom said she did not feel like going out again. I woke up and I rolled my eyes right then (they use in real life many tactics to either drive me crazy or try to get pity and what they were both physically doing when i woke up is some of what they do in real life for pity).