I remember three dreams.

I was counting something and then I counted it again but I think it was at least a little different the second time. I do not remember if something or some things else happened.

A woman offered 70000$ (or between that and 80000$) for something of mine and I said yes but mom without me accepted money and I saw that the currency was from a Carabbean (sp??) island and I said hey that is worth less than our money. Dad was there too and I started to count. I said that I would go to the bank and have them told me how much in Canadian dollars there was there and then I saw the time and said let me guess it is closed and dad said yes and I said of course and it was also Friday then I said that I would check the internet. I do not remember the rest although I think one of them of both tried to connect with the woman but she was gone already.

I went to the dentist and when I arrived there to tell my name (not like any dentist office i ever went to) my cell phone rang and I checked who it was while the secretary was going to say that we could not talk on our cells there and I gasped and jumped and almost screamed then answered and I motioned soon after for paper and a pen and I wrote some numbers down and then I screamed after saying thank you and hanging up. She told me to calm down or to keep it down and I said that I would leave and she became angry and I threw on the floor all I had for money which was at least 200$ and I told her while kind of asking if it was enough and I said to keep the change. I came out from another door. I was going to take the bus but the end was me in our truck that was sold and dad was driving and mom was there too. He decided to take a shortcut where a river normally was but there was almost no water left and he drove on a wall of big rocks, I was scared and I probably told him not to do it but we somehow made it. I think that was it.