I remember one dream.

A woman was part of a show and that show was people getting killed for a crowd but of course it was all fake but before the next show the man who would kill her tested at least one chainsaw (do not know if it was always with that or that time it was with that) and he then saw a new one and he did not tested it which scared her. The next thing I do not really remember it was either part of the show or just before (she was supposed to drink something and he had to pick or she had to pick and he did - he decided between 2 old pepsi and she took the can and went where the stage [a pit and the crowd was around above] was). She was shaking and not acting like she was supposed to and before he used the chainsaw on her one member of the crowd yelled to stop which she hoped would stop it but it did not. The next thing that happened is that the woman or then it was me was in the small room in the Saint-Hubert house where we entered and got out and he was coming in but a psychopath was there too and her or me was going to open the door but he said not too and to run away, he was face to the door and he got killed. The psychopath was smiling and me or her was thinking of what to do and ended up in one of the living room and by then me or her became Ti-Pit and the psychopath was Gagou which he was able to at least seriously injure and then he got out but said come on Coin Coin and took him with him and I felt bad for Daisy and Caeser [sp again] because he passed right by then who were next to the door (i don't think i was really there i just felt bad). Then I could see them in the future and Gagou was there (do not know if Elmo was really there - maybe the man killed was him) and Coin Coin was treated like he was the killer. The other two were there though.