I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with one or many houses and Tucker Carlson who when there or something to do with him would annoy people who hate Trump.

I was in a car (not driving) and going somewhere, at a stop sign (or light) on the street I lived on in Saint-Hubert I saw on the street on the right Katie Holmes in a car (her too not driving) and I got annoyed because people would make things out about Tom Cruise especially since he was with me in the car, I ended up in the parking lot of what used to be a bar near my house. I got out and had to go somewhere for a while and I told him sarcastically to not do anything (i think i named something specific) and he made a face then realised I was joking and laughed but Henry Cavill arrived despite him being supposed to be busy somewhere else and I hugged him. I think it was it and it ended there except that I think another actor of the last Mission Impossible movie was there (the Shaun Of The Dead man).