I remember two dreams (+1 came back to me yesterday but i forgot about it until i was back in bed last night).

The dream I had yesterday is the end I was couching because it felt like something was in my throat and I woke up with that feeling and I coughed too.

Brigitte a friend who in real life I haven't heard of in a long time (the last time she wrote to me was for a stupid thing) decided to buy me a gift, she was with someone who thought it was stupid. She went to her favorite store and she hesitated between a few things and after she had decided on something she saw something else (a christmas decoration in a round form with a cord to hang that said whatever - it was part of a group of things that had that word and it was a chihuahua the mascot of that brand). She sent it to me and I asked mom to take my picture under it with me rolling my eyes, I asked her to tell me when she was ready so I did not spent too long with my eyes rolled (in reality she spends a lot of time before taking a picture) and I then sent it to her. I also remember changing after because I had to go somewhere and I had the thought of maybe sending her many pictures like perhaps once a day with different clothes on. Brigitte got the picture and I think it made her happy. Also my home in this was very dark and it seemed big.

I barely remember anything from it, I think I was not in it and if I was I probably did not look like myself. A woman was doing something illegal with others and she brought someone different in this that the other or others did not like or and did not want to bring someone else or and she decided to do it differently and this is what the other or others did not like but everything went fine I remember. The other who was also female not happy I remember was thinking of crossing that women who I think knew it. Whatever was done was technical with lines and things like that, I think it was or mainly electrical.