I remember two dreams.

I was being abused by my parents, dad was beating me and mom did nothing. They did not looked the same but I do not remember for me. I decided I was fed up while we were in public, I do not remember what I did or and said but he was furious and was looking at me with my eyes and I was not scared anymore, mom was terrified.

I was an actress and was not going with the idiotic Hollywood system with the media and everything but still my first movie made a lot of money plus I was popular and was nominated for trophies. I won one and my speech was to say that I became a celebrity that was popular without licking the butt of anyone and without going with the flow so anyone could. I went to the Oscars and won and went there laughing and refused that trophy saying that I was not a prostitute and despite me being the first in years winning it by deserving it I still did not want it.