I remember two dreams.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house and there was a bed in the kitchen or I put a bed in the kitchen then decided to sleep there (im pretty sure i still had a bedroom with a bed in it). I also had decided to start sleeping with a pajama on since anybody could go in the kitchen any time. The first pajama was a nightshirt that was almost see-through and I changed soon after getting up since we had a visitor. I also made the dishes after getting up and that was part of my morning routine then but I did not wash it all (it was not all at the same place - i think what i washed was near the bed instead of in the sink). This is all I remember but it may of been it.

This was dreamed in a few minutes the last time I fell asleep and I think this was it all, it was like a new version of Footloose. Kevin Bacon was involved with the girl who was involved with the punk and soon after he went in a car and started driving like a maniac all over, the town looked like a smaller town than in the movie and his dad was in a shop and went outside screaming his name when he drove past which was followed by cops and he ran after them. Then it was him and the punk about to fight, the punk was about to fight dirty and he was able to stop him by telling him that started at three they could do whatever they wanted and whoever won that would be it so the punk was happy about that (he was about to break and dislocate a finger of kevin bacon) but before the three came (do not remember who counted) Kevin started and he was dirty.