I remember one dream.

I was going to get take out food from a restaurant that used to be popular but now they were not and they also were about to not have any restaurants left. Their food was good and was still good but I was ashamed to go there. It was in a shopping mall that used to be popular but was not anymore so many stores and restaurants kept closing. I sat down with my food waiting for the person who had to come and pick me up but I cannot remember who it was which was probably dad since the food was at least for me and mom (had a conversation about the food before and heard it while i was waiting with the food) I had the impression everybody was laughing at me because I had that food. Then I was walking around still ashamed but I did not have the food anymore. I ended up in a store and they had chairs or a chair so I sat in it still waiting for someone. A woman entered the store and I thought it was Mitsou (an idiot woman who is famous in my province) and I did not want her to recognize me eventhough we never met so I turned around when she passed by me but she never looked at me and went in the back room. I got up and walked around with a cell phone either talking to someone or make believe I was talking. After hanging up and while I was leaving I saw the manager and thanked her for letting me sit there but after a few words I never finished my sentence, I also wanted to apologised for not buying anything, she smiled and nodded (i do not think she said anything but she may of).