I remember one dream.

It happened at least at the start of the 1900s. A young man was in love with a young woman and she was in love with him too but he was poor and she was rich and he did not want her to know. He was walking on a street and saw her and he tried to get away without her seeing him because he was well dressed but his face was dirty. She came up to him and he was trying to hide his face and really quickly he broke up with her then went away leaving her there. His friends told him that it did not matter and suddenly he took a bar of soap and really fast washed himself then dressed himself and with the little money he had he ran to a grocery store (by then it looked more and more like today not back then) and he got flowers after getting something else (at least a bottle of a drink) then he paid and ran to where she lived and once he fell flat on his face but he got back up. When he arrived at her house he saw her came back in a Horse carriage and a man was driving her back, she was very happy and they kissed and they also seemed to not want to part ways so it took a long time for her to get inside, his friends were sad for him (they were not there - like the start i could at least hear their disappointment despite being not there) and he sadly and slowly came back home. The dream ended with her (by the way the house looked like the Saint-Hubert house) in her bed and she could not stop smiling and she sat up stretching her arms and she started to sing and music could be heard.