Did you have any dreams last night?

Last night, I dreamed that I was upset because I forgot to bake my sister's wedding cake and the wedding was taking place that day. I was overwrought with frustration and anxiety...so mad at myself. I tried to come up with last minute solutions to providing a nice wedding cake but nothing was workable.

Then, someone told me that the wedding was the next day so I still had time overnight to bake and decorate the cake.

My interpretation:

In my waking life, I have been worried about my sister's marriage. She's been married for a very long time now but it's been hard from the start, and she's not very motivated to save it. In any case, I told her that I wanted to help her save her marriage and we planned to talk about it over the summer. But things keep coming up and the summer is half past.

But according to my dream, there's still a little bit of time left.

What a relief!

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