I remember one dream.

That dream had three parts and I do not remember the second. A young couple was camping, they were walking and had lots of equipment, they stopped where a big rock was making like a roof and it was almost a cave (unless it was a cave and i cannot remember), they decided it would be perfect, they got their things ready, they had food with them but searched for food there, they cooked some food, something was weird but I cannot remember if they felt it, the next morning the man told the woman what he wanted to eat and she made it and while it was cooking he said it would be nice with rabbit which they ate the previous night and some of the one they killed remained, she added the head in the pan and one of them or both saw some things on the head and the man crushed one in the pain and some type of mucus came out and he said that they had been had, they stayed there anyway cleaning the pan and making other food. The last part was Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in a house and she was annoying and he was being fed up. Now I remember the middle and it was the couple in a house, there was some issues with the garbage (the last part too - i think the last 2 were supposed to be the first 2 - the middle too they looked different but they were the same people) which makes me remember that at the start when camping they were recycling or and composting and something dangerous was in that bin.