I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that two women were having sex and that excited me until I realised that one was a girl.

I do not remember much of that one (or more than i think). I had many errands to run and at least one was important, one was going to the bank and one to the drugstore (maybe 1 or more too). I got up late but dad was standing up waiting for me and he was still there still doing the same thing when I was finished with my morning routine and the rest plus the long time I took to get ready so I went to at least one of those. I remember being in the drugstore and someone who may of been him or mom asking me if I would go see our family doctor back when we lived in Saint-Hubert who now worked there and I said no and was trying to make sure he would not see me. I remember trying to plan in my head how to be still lazy and do all the things I needed to do. I also remember everything looked different. And maybe my brother was there too.