I remember two dreams.

I think I was there. It was the Saint-Hubert house but in the dream it was an hotel and the yard had a pool. It was spring break and a lot of people were there partying and most if not all were drunk. If I was there I was only looking and there were media there too only looking. It was so ridiculous what the drunks were doing that the people only looking were in awe of all that stupidity. At one point everybody got out the pool because there was a color in there, at first I or someone else just watching thought it was blood then it turns out someone or some people had peed but it was a large amount of that color just in the middle and it looked like it was getting bigger too. Someone went in the pool with the disgust of everybody else (or mostly everybody) and he even dived right in whatever that was. Then what happened (do not know if something of some things else happened before) is that someone came from under the water and was asking for help because there was blood on his forehead but nobody was helping him even the ones not drunk, blood started to drip and almost like a fountain there was so much towards the end.

The only thing I remember is short connecting streets and I decided to put all the towers of the tower defense games of Bloons at the exits but it was not a game it was real life.