I remember one dream.

I or another woman (looked like Pamela Anderson - when she was younger) was on vacation in a beautiful spot, her or I with someone else that was I think a friend were taken to a what was supposed to be a remote place. It was a gorgeous place indeed and noone was there but when they went in the beautiful water and started to swim they saw a house then more houses and more and more and until they arrived where there was lots of boats too and then the water they realised was polluted and they ended up on a dock. And then it started to rain which did not bother them and then snowed and then hailed and then a mix and then the wind picked up. They figured they would not be let there so they decided to go back where they were taken but the woman or I saw that the water was very disgusting and the man dove right in there which made her grimaced but she finally did it but without diving she tried to keep her head above water. In the meantime a boat was coming and the man who plays Robert on Everybody Loves Raymond was there too in just a bathing suit and a huge wave was coming on that boat and he did not realised it and was not warned (the others were inside the boat) and I do not know if the water took him but the wave completely wrapped him. Then it was the woman or me but she looked different with a different bikini with no top and she was behind and more people were there and lots of obstacle were there and she had to pull something to help everyone and she was doing her best while going through the obstacles and swimming when she had to.