I remember three dreams.

I was out with a friend. For some reason I put way too much stuff in my backup like a face cream that I was supposed to use later and a face wash and cream that I was not even using anymore. I do not really remember what we did but I think we were out a few hours. We were going to take the bus to come back and in the dream adults if they had an identification card with a picture on (for some reason mine i had bleached hair for the picture but i had my normal hair) and we had that but I had to put my bag on a table near the bus stop and take stuff out to get it, found the receipt that had the tickets and the card. Was able to get everything back in the bag fast when the bus arrived which was when I finally found everything and ran to the bus, the door closed but I screamed and the driver opened the door, I apologised and put the ticket in the thing and then gave the card but for some reason it was a credit card and the other cards that I think were in my hands were other cards, I again apologised and searched and finally after what seemed a huge time I got it. I searched for my friend and felt humiliated and she was at the right on the first seats, the person two seats next to her was taking some of my seat but I was able to sit anyway, I said wow what an awful day I just had and I am supposed tonight to receive the call about the job if I have it or not so it's probably going to be a no and she said hey do not be negative.

I was going to the hospital and for some reason the night before when taking my shower after I had put on another antiperspirant, I smelled my underarms and it smelled like I would smell later especially with the stress of waiting and everything else so I put on my usual but in the dream it was a stick and in real life it is not, I then thought what I just did because it had touched the other and I thought it would not be as good because of that, I thought I should of cut a piece and use that on the skin. A lot of clothes was out on my bed. My hair looked like I had not washed it which was not the case.

It was cold out but I did not put a Winter coat when going out because I was going to the hospital, I figured I would just be cold a few seconds a few times so I put a coat that was not too big and I had a sweatshirt on too.