I remember one dream.

We had lost everything in a fire and soon after we found a place and got new furniture, clothes and everything else we had another fire but that time it was just my bedroom. Everything else was okay. Firefighters arrived and did their jobs then it was other men who their job is to investigate fires. They were all very nice and kind especially to me. Me and mom ended up far from our new place and several hours later one of the investigators drove us home, he was the cutest. I was on the backseat and mom up front. The man was silent because he was very tired but I did not know that then. Mom said something to me that I understood because she used a word that was invented by us, he asked what and she explained it. The way he talked sounded like he was angry or and annoyed but turns out he was tired. We arrived in our Saint-Hubert home and I gave him a huge smile and said thank you. He with the same voice said something and then drove away. I told mom he was more than nice because he did not have to drive us especially that far and being so tired and she agreed saying something on the line that he may be interested to me and then she said you find him hot right and I think I said yes or and something else. After a while I went in what was my new bedroom and I do not remember if what happened next was in there but if that is so then that room did not looked burnt at all. I could sense a bad presence (before that we said to the investigators that maybe it was the same people who had set our other house on fire that tried again) and I was very scared but screamed something like get out you are not welcome and has no power here. It looked like it worked and eventhough I was more scared I stayed in that room. I was then attacked and thrown out the window that was broken during the attack, I ended up with about half of my body out and my tummy on the window which injured me because of the broken glass. The man came back and saw me that way and I think he caught me when I fell. He brought me to the hospital or stayed with me until the ambulance arrived, he also took care of my injuries.