I remember three dreams.

I was with two members of Rammstein in an hotel. We were having fun and as time went by I became more comfortable. We were joking around and being sarcastic but then they said something mean to me and laughed it up, they did not do it on purpose but it hurt especially since I love that group so much. I left heartbroken and went outside and walked, very soon after the singer (cannot recall the other too but it was not Richard 1 of the guitarist) arrived there and they told him and he went outside with them and they were able to point to me since I was not far, he wanted to talk to me and he stared to run but stopped and had someone drive him on the other street on the right then walked by me and I of course freaked when I saw him and he approached me all nice and then asked me why I was crying, I soon woke up but cannot recall if I told him or not.

We were living in Saint-Hubert but my computer was in another house (there was a reason that in the dream made sense but cannot recall it). I went there walking since it was not far away but one after the other my parents joined me, I ended up not remembering where it was because they were both driving me nuts and mom told me laughing at me because I did not remember and dad was probably laughing it up too or and was proud. I was going to go inside but was approached by a woman that was a cop (looked like a nurse at the Mont-Joli hospital) and she asked me questions about what I have been doing lately on the internet (perhaps she said or and asked other things first) I answered everything and then she told me unless it was before that something had been done with my computer which shocked me and she told me after I answered one question that it was from one of these visited places which shocked me too. I said I was going there to then show people to stop this thing (paparazzi) and when she left she said with an attitude after I said that I would keep cooporating or something like that that I did not have any choice because they would check me out very closely. There was a man cop too and I cannot recall if he came before or after the other cop, that man had the uniform on but not the woman.

All I remember is that a man with a mustache was accused of something and the woman or man or me accusing him said that it had to do with a nightmare (think had that same day - remember 11:00 being involved too) and that man laughed saying that he was innocent and that proved it but myself or a man or a woman did not let up with the accusation.