I remember three dreams.

I do not remember everything from the start but it was three people and one looked like my brother. They were on a street that was in a forest, when they came back to the car of one of them they had to abandon it because of another car, it was an old ugly dirty car but the man who had it loved it. He said goodbye to the car by touching it and talking and even gave it a kiss, the two others looked at each others almost laughing but when they saw the man's face when he started to walk away at least one had remorse. Then it was a man who made sure his girlfriend stayed behind with the help of their friends and family and he asked her to marry him by leaving messages with only the snow or and something else. She freaked out when she saw it and said yes even before he asked himself by throwing herself in his arms and saying yes several times. She showed her ring to everyone but at first it was her right hand then magically without her or him or anybody else touching it the ring was then on the other hand (i think it even changed fingers). Some thought it looked cheap then others great but it was just thoughts. Then they were in like a cage and somebody with the help of someone else made a test by taking a tree or something else like a plant and put the liquid of it on top of the cage which was like a roof, some leaked and then the next thing that I remember (i think nothing else happened in between) is that they killed each others by opening the water and drowning. They were both naked and changing. One of them died but the other got back alive if he or she died and changed. The next thing I remember is the end with a man who was either the man who did the experiment or a dad or one of the two (he was the dad of George on Seinfeld - the couple was a couple we see on Buzzfeed) going to get grocery, he looked so sad and was moving slowly, people were shocked to see him because he had not been out for a very long time.

Me and dad were in a van which he left when it was parked in the street but at a light (we were first) he went to shop. There was a big snowstorm and at one point when I was waiting a man lost control of his car which was a van for a company and that van started to drive with him out of it, it barely missed ours so I started to drive it after looking around and at the right behind businesses there was a parking lot that was big and mostly empty, I drove to the farthest place and then called dad to tell him what had happened and where the car was now. He barely could hear me because of the bad connection but he understood. Nobody had been angry or looked at me weird while waiting in the street but people looked at me funny because I did not have a smart phone.

All I remember is that it was a continuing of the second dream but at least a little different because dad was not there anymore.