I remember two dreams (the last could be the end of the first).

I went back to the hospital because of the same health issue I am having in real life. The doctor there was super nice and gorgeous too. We ended up talking a lot and he told me that he would see me in his office instead because my problem sounded serious plus I was too nervous. The appointment was soon (do not remember if anything else happened between the hospital and me getting there - his examination room looked almost identical to the hospital) he took his time to start and was super gentle, I was in pain but let him do it and at one point he masturbated my clitoris to calm me and it worked because after my orgasm I was not feeling any pain, he finished the examination and he told me it would be okay and that I would be cured soon with the medication he would prescribe. I left my socks on the floor and he asked me about it and I told him I did not liked them and by then I was putting on another pair. He was still nice and he did not look at me when talking to me and me neither. I think we kissed or and talked about seeing each others again in private. He opened the door and looked while taking his head out of the office then not making any noise and telling me to do the same he got out and looked everywhere, the waiting room had the television on and he went there to see but nobody was there like nobody else was anywhere. Maybe something else happened and maybe not, maybe the other dream is what happened but by that time he looked different I think.

A woman who looked like Julia Roberts was inside a home with a man, she went to see what was going on outside and the man warned her not to but too late, she was pushed or got scared and fell, she fell on what seemed blocks and several stories of it, the man ran down steps that were right by these blocks and when he arrived at the last stories she was there all bloodied and seriously injured, I know something else happened but I do not remember although I am pretty sure it ended quickly after that.