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I talked about the practice of turning dreams into astral projection in this article. . I think that for most people the change in consciousness is so radical as to not be recalled on waking, or in the form of a dream.

The theory that the etheric body separates slightly from the physical during sleep to absorb universal energy (chi?) makes sense to me. It also explains why some people can have out of the body experiences during the deep relaxation and pranayama exercises associated with Yoga.

I totally get this and have experienced it. Yet, I wonder if that is what is happening to everyone during dream state only that upon awakening, the recall and memory is duller for most. Some of us are fortunate to be able to be more conscious during our subconscious state, if that makes any sense.

BTW, GREAT article! So thorough. I'll be sure to read and re-read it. I'm thinking of printing it out. Have you considered compiling ebooks with your Bellaonline work?

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