I remember one dream.

I was living in a huge house that looked a little like the Saint-Hubert house, my parents were there too. I do not know if we just moved there or I wanted to make a change but I picked a room that was big enough to have my bedroom and also television. I ended up in the attic but when it was time for my television I thought oops how are we going to get it here since the door is too small, I thought maybe the window, I finally figured a way to make it work but mom came with an old television (not black and white just the old big ones before tvs became flat) and said that this is the only way that I could have a television there then she said that they also had to switch me to Shaw because Bell did not have a signal there, I was concerned about my television but then I became concerned about the channels. I asked did you get my Hockey channels and she started to have an attitude so I looked and then had to call Shaw, they had put the account in my name so the man who answered could access it when I said what was going on. At first I only asked about the Hockey channels then I asked what would it cost just to have all the English channels (had seen many they had that i would probably never watch but asked anyway) if that was possible and he said that yes it was possible and the price was less than 200$, there were many channels and it was more than with Bell and cheaper too so I was impressed and said that this is what I wanted. The man asked if I was sure and I said yes that anyway it was extremely rare when I watched things in French like when I had to most of the time when my Stars were only in a French channel. Then I thought oh oh sometimes I like to watch French movies but I saw the prices for just the French movie channels and it was too much then I asked about the On Demand and then said well I could just watch these movies and shows like that (by the way towards the end or most of that conversation it was like i was on streets not the house). I asked how On Demand worked and it was like I thought except that it did cost money instead of being free. I checked it out when I hung up and was happy with what was there, I told my parents how Shaw was awesome and it made Bell suck more than it already did which made dad angry. I was looking at the On Demand list by then (started with the channels first) and was making a plan for what to watch and when.