I remember three dreams.

We were living in a new house in a new city and we had been there for a short time. One night I was in my bedroom in the dark going to bed and a storm started. I found that sound very soothing eventhough the lightning at one time was very loud and I could hear people screaming. I was on my bed looking out the window and the clouds were beautiful, big and moving fast. Then I realised that there was smoke so I got up to look and I saw that in two places that were side by side it was on fire so I went outside to look and many other places were on fire, one of those places was near our house so I screamed for my mom to warn my parents then I saw that a few places of our house and garage and something else that was on our property was on fire and mom said it is too late after saying oh no not again. I immediately thought of my four musketeers and started to run to the house (i was several feet away) to at least try to save them. I took the hose and watered the house thinking it might work since the fire was small but it became bigger. I was very worried for the four musketeers and then I woke up.

I wanted to use a sex toy but I found out it was broken, it was making the noise it was supposed to but it was not moving. That made me furious since I was very horny. I used it anyway.

I was in my bedroom which was one of the bedroom in Saint-Hubert (the only difference is that there was a mirror on the door in the room side). I decided to get naked and walk around like that then I started masturbating and then I moved so that I could watch myself, when I did that I was close to an orgasm but after moving I was not anymore. Then I got a sex toy and was able to reach an orgasm. Mom then barged in my room without knocking or anything and I screamed at her that I was naked but she entered anyway and I screamed again that I was naked while trying my best to hide and she entered then walked around with a huge smile on her face. I finally got her to exit my bedroom and I loudly closed the door behind her then locked it (that too was a difference - by then the door was the same as we had downstairs in the bathroom) and then still furious I was closing very loudly the two doors of a armoire but on top there was many peanut shells and some parts of that ended up in my eyes.