I remember two dreams.

I was in a car (ours in real life) driven by dad. We were in what seems cliffs, the streets were narrowed and like in spirals and he was driving fast and into things and almost driving off. I was very scared and after he did another something stupid thing I asked him do you actually see dad and he said yes or and not really then I screamed you are going to drive off, turn, turn you are going to drive off and he instead of turning to follow the street he continued straight and we went off the street, by some miracle the car stayed on some rocks and I was able to climb off but before I stopped after starting and went back inside to get the four musketeers then Daisy and maybe even another stuffed toy, dad followed then the car plunged down a very deep canyon. Then we were all at home (it looked mostly like the Saint-Hubert home) and many people from the family were there, we were all in the same room and I finally got up then took the five plus even at least another which was a big bear and left the room (i was very uncomfortable with everyone there). I know something else happened before that dream stopped but I cannot remember also before all that I think something else happened too.

I was having sex with Vin Diesel and then when I got downstairs alone I saw mom and she looked either jealous or angry but acting like everything was normal, with a huge smile I told her that I had sex with Vin Diesel and with sarcasm she made a face then said oh the big christian with his values, I either said or thought he is not a christian then he got downstairs too we said goodbyes with one last kiss and he left. I kept meeting and or having sex with other celebrities and at one point I thought to myself what the hell are you still doing living with them. The end the door rang (it was a different house but it looked a little like the Saint-Hubert house) and it was Patrick Roy, dad was there then.