I remember two dreams.

I was in a huge boat (cannot remember if it was a cruise or not - if im not mistaken the dream actually started that way) and an explosion or something happened, a lot of people were scared but not many if at all were panicking. I knew it was serious. My room had a balcony which I opened and there was a canoe there, I only took the four musketeers which I put in a white blanket and put them in the canoe at the end so that they would be protected and got in myself. I was wondering if I would have the strength to paddle through all that madness especially when the ship would start to sank but soon which was almost immediately a man who was a marine went in and then later another one. We were able to paddle through the insanity that was worst from almost second to second. We ended up in the street where I lived in Saint-Hubert, everywhere it was flooded and it looked like we were the only humans left. I said that it was a perfect place to stay since I knew that place well. Where the train track was was not flooded so we went there to make our camp. We either then or later ended up in a store to get a tent and things like that, in another store one of the man looked at a fryer and he said that he so wanted fries and I think he looked at me, either way I said that I would make some since electricity was left and so was water but that I never made some so it could end up not good and he did not care. We ended up staying where the track was and using once in a while or once a day houses for water and electricity, we figured that sleeping in the wood (theres a forest there too where the track is) would be easier to hear a person come in.

I do not know if it started like that but I was in the car alone then decided to drive myself. The city I was in I never seen before. Everything was going well but while driving at one point all electricity went completely everywhere off. People started panicking but I did not, I was able to drive and not get into any accident then when I saw a parking lot almost empty I parked at the end where no cars were and after closing the engine I took my flip phone and called home. All proud I told mom what had happened and a few times she tried to tell me something so after about two or three times I stopped talking and said what and she said almost stuttering that we had lost everything so I said what do you mean and she repeated and I asked the musketeers what about them and I did not hear what she said, I asked her to repeat and this is where I woke up.