I remember two dreams.

I ordered ants and I was happy when they finally arrived, I had wondered where and how I would keep them and I went with an habitat outside. Mom is the one who was there when the package arrived and she was not happy at all. I finally saw it and I told her they would be outside and she was still not happy but I did not care. I got the habitat outside and the ants too (i did not look like myself when i finally saw me).

I was in a store, I think I had pajamas first and I changed in the store but I was not ashamed of what I was wearing but when I changed I was. I got something in a big package first (duvet i think) then a few other things. My parents were there and I said something like it is on sale for the big thing which I went straight to after entering the store. That is all I remember but it may just be it.