I remember four dreams.

I said I could not drive because it was Winter so not a good time to start driving again or I said that (i think i apologised or was apologetic) and mom said well you can't anyway because our car was towed because his driver's license is revoked. I asked why and he said that is had to do with his hair, he had a warning when he had his hair cut the last time but did not took it seriously. Then he tried to call to get answers on what to do next or and he went there personally (SAQ).

I got up and saw that the four musketeers were still up, before that things kept happening and stop me from doing what I normally do when I get up, I said aloud shocked I forgot them then realised that there were two Elmos, I asked mom to help me and I said which is the best looking because this is ours. When we picked one I was still not sure so went back there. Then I saw there were two Coin Coins and for this I said a few seconds later that it was easy because the original had an operation on his legs so it was shorter.

I was shopping, mom and dad was there and we were separated mostly or for just a short time we were not. I saw a flier in a display of Ardene and saw new stuff like items they never sold before and that now they had items for men and boys. I wanted to tell mom. When it was ending I could see my inbox and I was getting emails out and I was able to spot first an email from Ardene about my last order but could not find it.

I was playing for the Stars, goaltender, before waking up I made an amazing stop, did not let in a goal, a goal was let in by someone else before but it was Bishop the second goaltender (cannot remember how to spell the others last name) I was supposed to play one period but looked like I could play another or even the entire match despite being tired.