I remember one dream.

I was getting breakfast and of course the psychopath that is my dad was watching television there like in real life. I was acting like he was not bothering me and he was standing around angry. I got a bunch of toasts and a knife then all of that in a plate I took and went downstairs but I realised I had no butter so got that but I had a composed sugar spread too and this is when he saw that I had hid a bread and I was still acting like he was not bothering me. Then I was in the bedroom I had last in Saint-Hubert and the two monsters were there too, I was going to leave the next day and they did not know which made me so happy. Dad was near the door and she went there, I was drinking juice from a coffee mug looking out the window or at least near it and I went out and it looked like I pushed her which pushed him but they were in the way, I think I said I am sorry and they were both angry and she said something but I let it go because again I was going to finally be free of them. Then I opened the television that was in the bedroom (never happened in real life - do not want a tv in my bedroom) and I just wanted to see which movies were playing but I kept putting 1256 and it would go to non HD channels and I was angrier and angrier and then I started to scream and these two were still there doing nothing but look at me. Finally I realised Bell had taken channels away and I said it aloud while insulting them.