I remember two dreams.

I was going to take pills by chewing them and mom kept hanging on pushing my buttons, I said almost screaming could you please stop for at least that moment to drive me crazy and she replied sarcastically moving her arms around and I think I replied back and she finally left pushing my buttons so I closed my door (it did not looked at all like anywhere i have ever lived) by closing it very loudly and she laughed and said something else sarcastically (i could see her through the wall).

A bunch of people were walking or passing by or camping in an abandoned city. They either came back or arrived there and saw what looked another campground and there was a car there with the back door opened and a little white Dog was looking through there whining and he or she looked at them like he or she wanted help, they or most or all or one of them first thought it was weird but then they or she or he knew something was wrong.