I remember two dreams.

I was part of a small science group doing tests in a remote place where it was cold. Where we slept was all made of snow, our shelter, beds, everything and outside too. I woke up then was supposed to go somewhere by foot to work but after setting the fire (fireplace too was made of snow like everything else BUT what we used was not) and eating I was about to leave and suddenly everything went dark and I knew it meant a huge storm was coming so I immediately covered what we were working on and then fortified our equipment. Also a little before it became dark or then or a little after a little horror music started which in the dream I and noone else heard and it had to do with one of the microscopic specimen we had inside our shelter. The storm soon started and it was violent but the dream ended there.

A small group of people were near a huge group of Russian soldier and they were able to lure one young soldier to them with a chicken, at first the soldier was not sure but they showed it to him telling him how good it was and then they started to eat some and he went with them. He told them a time and that he had to be back by then and they assured him he would but he became more secure and relaxed and at the end instead of looking at the time he did not and then asked them if they were thirsty and went to get drinks where the others were (none were at the fridge though) and at first they all said what except one that was not sure but then he came back with nothing because they all changed their mind or and became not sure when he was there (he could still talk to them). I think it ended there.