I remember two dreams.

We were living in a new place. Some renovations would be done or my parents wanted to do none. I wanted some but they would not cost a lot of money. When the boss came I shown him what he wanted, dad was there all along and he seemed angry but said nothing. It was just for the rooms that would be for me. I only asked for paint, carpets and lights that were cheap but lit a lot. I showed him a counter and told him it was ugly and damaged but it did not matter, that if it could be painted I would love it.

I learned that Superman was still alive in the movies and I was happy eventhough in the dream too I had seen zero of those movies. Then I was near him and hugged him. He was really hot but like in real life Henry Cavill is too hairy for me. I know a few other things happened but besides me debating with myself whether or not I would still have sex with him or how to bring out that subject or just make subtle things to make him understand by himself I do not remember it.