I remember two dreams.

I was going out and took the bus, I was in the Saint-Hubert house and in that neighborhood of that city but I looked different, in the house before leaving there was mom and my brother who was at least a little younger than he was when he died. I was almost at the bus stop when I realised that I had forgotten tissues (i was looking around in my bag with one or both hands), I continued walking slower then looked at the time and saw it was coming in two minutes and thought I had the time so walked fast home and was able to get to the other stop in time. The driver had an attitude and started to drive almost immediately so grabbed an handle with an hand then with the other change and tried to get 2,25$ (its way more in real life), found a weird 0,25$ and the driver looked at me funny but the machine accepted it then finally after what seemed a long time while struggling I got 2$ in there. Then still struggling I walked to a seat. It's all I remember.

I ate a lot of toasts and while putting away the few slices left in there mom told me it was it for tomorrow morning. I think dad was near by. I looked around and found another but it looked moldy, mom was glad that there was another bread but I told her it looked off, finally after looking through the package I opened it and I was right. Besides being here and it looked dark and strange and maybe different this is all I remember.