I remember one dream.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house, renovations were going on. I went to my safe to count it and mom was helping me. Soon I realised something was going on, the first thing I saw was that the few 500$ bills I had were not there anymore then I saw that the pile was not as big as it was. Turns out 7500$ was left and I had almost 30000$ before. Mom was immediately insulted when I first said that the big bills were missing because she thought I was accusing her. My brother I think was there, if he was he did not say a word (he never does in my dreams). Soon a man who often was there but I do not think he was one of the contractors was thought of being the robber. Dad was there too and he said something at one point, I was very agitated and at one point I said what the hell am I supposed to do with just that amount, I was going to move on my own and it cannot even furnish two rooms. At one point too I was going to call the cops but I saw one and I asked him after telling him what happened what do to and he told me and I did it, prints were taken and most were mine but some were not of anyone of my family. This is all I remember.