I remember two dreams.

I was the main female character in Dirty Dancing and my parents who were the ones in the movie caught me dancing with Patrick Swayze who him too was his movie character. At first I hid it but then I did not care anymore and we danced provocaly, the parents were shocked and I did not care.

I went into a building and in a specific office, I was walking slowly because I was injured and bleeding a lot. People asked me what happened and I either ignored or made signs or sounds or said to let it go. When in the office I was not injured anymore and almost immediately hurried and locked the doors (could see many doors in my mind until it was the ones in front of me). Then I hid behind huge book cases that were not on the wall. Someone was after me and was looking out the windows of the doors. I woke up and it felt like someone was right there next to me and I heard very loudly the word more!