I remember two dreams.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house and so were many people. I woke up in the kitchen and then tried to fall back asleep because someone else got up. When I finally woke up two others were in the bathroom, I sat on the toilet (before i was scared it would stink since a man spent a lot of time there but he had not gone to the bathroom) but did not go because a man looking like Keanu Reeves and the other man was there, finally I think they both left or I moved on to where the shower and washer and dryer were and this is where my clothes were, a woman was there and helped me when I was looking so I hurried and took something for later but what I really wanted was a shirt for then because I felt uncomfortable with the top of the pajama I had on so I was looking and she was right there too. This is all I remember but it might be it.

I do not remember who started the killing and torture but it got turned on them, the man in charge started to get tortured and he turned into a Shark then and when it looked like he was going to either pass out or die he was able to get away (he was on a large surface that cooked) and then he was a Lioness, something happened but I do not remember. Then two people were in an elevator and were supposed to be branded (everyone there got branded - it was done by hot chains and something was on the chains and that was what was branded), before that many people did and the woman refused, the woman in charge of getting revenge arrived and talked about her girlfriend then showed her, she was in a glass with an hospital robe and her brain was outside and she was suffering but at least a little conscious and moving her hands or and arms and talking to herself trying to ignore the pain plus starting from her behind a lot of poo was there and it was to her head and even above it in a line. They showed us what had happened and I remember (maybe it was just that showed) how they had taken her brain and washed it and put it in plastic in hope of curing what she had.