I remember one dream.

I got up earlier than I wanted to go somewhere with dad that closed early afternoon. He closed the television and said aloud that he was going to go [censored] and when neither me and mom looked at him and said nothing he repeated it and again we had no reactions. I went to get my juice but put the straw in the hole to drink a little bit and instead of putting it in the freezer I put it in the fridge at the bottom shelf of the door and before I closed the door it spilled. I said I knew it would do that and mom said do not close the door. I started taking care of the mess with paper towels and mom acted like this won't work and that it was the end of the world. Dad was no longer there when all that happened. It all happened in the Saint-Hubert house but for the last part the fridge was not where it used to be plus at the start it was dark then it was not.