Hi Heather! That's a great dream! It is definitely a "wake-up" message:

In dream symbolism, there is a difference between traveling and vacationing. When people dream of vacations, it typically indicates that the dreamer is craving an escape. In your case, it's more than one destination so the dream has elements of traveling versus only an escape. Traveling is about exploration and discovery.

It's interesting to note that you did a lot of preparation. You've deliberately selected what you were going to bring along with you on your journeys. But when you begin to depart on this journey, there was a "noise" that "opened your eyes."

Noises are a distraction. They can be annoying distractions or attention-getting distractions. Because your eyes were opened at this noise, it's more likely the latter.

It is my feeling that as you embark on journeys (spiritual, physical, emotional)...you are carrying with you preconceived beliefs. But something is getting you to STOP and OPEN your eyes. Perhaps it is time to reflect on your beliefs, habits or lifestyle...or even your decision to embark on your journeys.

Consider what has been a loud attention-getter in your recent waking life. What has opened your eyes?

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