I remember three dreams.

A friend of mine in Australia told me that the following month she will check what I sent or she sent something to me and other people saying she would check it out the following month, she was very busy and this is when she thought she would have extra time.

I was searching for a place to live that would not cost a lot. I was thinking of buying a cheap land then building something very small on it, visiting apartments, and so on. I visited something that looked abandoned but when I heard the price I looked at it more carefully then saw the potential so I took it. Nobody had faith and thought I would just live in squatter but I turned that place into a nice place.

I built a small house in the woods just like many decades ago but it had electricity and water. An old man came to visit and that house remained him of his childhood. At one point we heard Wolves but I was not scared, he was. A group of men heard about the Wolves and they drove there to kill them, I for some reason heard about it (by feeling it - could also see them without being there). The Wolves started to scream loudly when they came out their vehicules and then attacked them. They screamed and before they broke the windows I closed them by using wood shutters (before that they tried opening and then forcely open the door - it was locked). For some windows it was close when I closed it but all were closed and locked before they broke it. They were screaming in pain and I did not care about these psychopaths, the old man was scared and I too but for the Wolves and these psychopaths coming in. After it was done I went outside and a Wolf came to me with a bloodied leg. I bent over and calmly talked to him and he fully came to me, I washed then disinfected then bandaged his leg and after thanking me he went to his group.