I remember one dream.

A man went fishing or and swimming and he came back with one small Dolphin and one small Shark, I was angry but thought at least they are dead but then I realised they were still alive. Then they were put out of the water and tortured for a long time and the man doing that (maybe by someone else or more people too) made sure that they would survive. Then the Dolphin or the Shark was caught stealing food and at first he hid it and made up stories or tried to because he was stuttering (it was Shia LeBoeuf by then but still 1 of the animal) but he got fed up and showed what he had and said that at least the other was fed more. Then what I remember (maybe it was just what i remember) is that each were both put back together and put back in the water the same way as they were caught and put out of the water but the Dolphin was cut in half and he was screaming in pain and I do not remember where it ended but it was the Dolphin (looking like a dolphin all that time) screaming over and over kill me.