I remember two dreams (the second could of been 2 different) while typing the second another came back to me.
that next he would love to know how to himself prepare the pig next time and even perhaps butcher himself the animal. The man
A man (the asian who is very popular from the try guys at buzzfeed) wanted the help of a chef who knew how to butcher animals especially pigs so he made up a story that he had successfully cooked an entire one over a fire for a barbecue with friends and that man was impressed and he then told him said that he would show him. He showed him how to cut the pig in pieces, by that time there were a few other people and by the end many more and it had became like a contest (most of those people were from buzzfeed). A woman (Kelsey i think her name is - a blonde who always looks drunk) had made a mistake with something she had cooked at the barbecue (apparently by then it had happened), it was the cheeks that she had destroyed, she explained why she wanted that cut because it always looked good to her, the man asked her what she did and she did it. Another man who is not from buzzfeed (maybe now - stopped going to those channels last month) wanted to do a cowboy theme (he went way back in time though) he said that it looked ugly and simple, the man tasted and he said that yes it looked and was simple but it tasted good (1 kept eating it - either the cook or the 1 who cooked it), until then the others were making fun of him. That is what I remember.

The part that could of been a different dream is me going outside to wash my bike but then I realised it was not mine and I asked mom where it was and she said you sold it for 100$ remember and I said oh yes but now I wanted to bike again so I either would use that one or buy another one. I was putting on sunscreen to go outside a few hours, tried a new one in spray that everyone seemed to love, at first it went great applying it but then I realised that I looked orange at some places. Next thing I remember is putting sunscreen made of cream and I went outside, one day I walked, one day I biked. All that happened in Saint-Hubert.

All I remember is that dad and my brother was in there and like usual Patrick did not speak, I was there too.