I remember one dream.

I wanted to go run errands with dad or I was supposed to do that, it did seem last minute since this is how I got ready while dad seemed ready and about to go, it also looked to be late afternoon or coming close to it. The house looked different than here and everywhere we ever lived. I decided to put on a new pair of shoes (in real life its 1 of my new pair) eventhough there were still snow outside, I thought since it was almost all gone and it was not cold it would be alright. Before going outside the shoes got dirty because there was mud on the carpet that was by the door. A few seconds after being outside I decided to come back inside and put boots on, I was thinking about the new boots (those too are new in real life) and old ones (those i bought a short time after we came here - was supposed to only wear those a short time but im still wearing it), the new shoes were very dirty and I was feeling bad and hoping I could just wipe them and it will be okay.