I remember two dreams.

Will Smith was his character from I Am Legend and he was alone on Earth but without a Dog. He met either a robot or a human, if he was a human he was like a robot thanks to being alone and scared all that time. He slowly gained his trust then friendship then thought well at it they should have sex eventhough he was not gay. The robot or human accepted and Will gave him oral and a handjob to get him excited and to also see if he would love it, both happened. That robot or man had a big [censored] and he was concerned about it but Will said it will be better this way.

I was shopping with mom. We ended up in a mall where shops had problems staying alive. I picked a jewelry store and tried to find at least one thing to buy. I saw jewelry of my month and after a long time I went for the earrings and I told them that I probably will be back for the rest later (meaning the necklace and bracelet that matched the earrings). Then we came back home in time for two shows I wanted to watch but for some reason I decided to just watch the first part of one then wait until the western time to watch the rest, it was a show with Gordon Ramsay and I had done the same thing with the previous episode. Mom did not liked that and I told her to be patient or something along those lines. Gordon looked strange in the face, like he was way older and plus he had gained weight and had a really fat tummy but he did not seemed to be ashamed of all this.