I remember one dream (the ending may of been a different dream - not too sure of either way - plus i forgot a lot or at least a little bit of it).

A man that looked like Matt Damon (and for a while Tom Hanks) was pregnant. He ended up somewhere and the people there wanted him to go at one particular place and at the last second he said (or screamed) no and left that part, he thought (said a few things too) that they wanted to do tests on him or even worst, they were trying to get him back there and he would not. I think he tried to escape or at the least go farther from that room that looked like a laboratory (other people were there and i think not only people who worked there). Then it was them not being able to go out because it was too cold. They had enough food and everything else to all survive but they had to make sure that the doors and windows were holding up and with no holes so not too much cold would come in. I could see two big doors with windows on them being pushed by the wind and snow but they did not know, one said hey it is getting colder and one (i think Matt Damon) said it is and they went to the two doors, after that I remember nothing.