I remember two dreams.

All I remember (maybe it was just that) is that the girlfriend of Ben Affleck was riding motorcycles without an helmet and glasses, at first people thought it was funny especially since she was being careful by driving slowly or just normally and she also sometimes would get off and walk with it until a certain point like we do with normal bikes.

It started with the girlfriend of Ben Affleck riding motorcycles again and again like she did in the first dream (then people thought she was an idiot for not wearing an helmet and i thought she was because she had no glasses) then it turned into me riding a bike in nature then Goldie Hawn was there and we soon or from the start were like friends riding bikes (we were followed by paparazzis like the woman was both dreams) and then at one place we each took our picture where I thought it was beautiful but then it turned dark and we ended up in a very creepy place with dolls (each were different and many of the sames were there) that looked like voodoo dolls but made of glass and I said the one that is smiling is almost not scary but I and her were scared, it was like we were in an horror movie. That is all I remember.