I remember one dream.

I had won at a lottery ticket and it was to turn a wheel on television, it happened in a grocery store. It was a show that I found stupid but I went there anyway and I made sure to wear a tee-shirt that said something that would offend a lot of people. Someone told me and showed me what would happen and I listened then I was asked if I would wear what I had and I said yes and I was told I could not and I named the name of a Canadian law that stopped them from doing that (anyway there were no cuss words or things like that it was just a drawing and words that offends snowflakes + it was not in french which angered separatists). I put on my makeup by myself and also did a few other things. When it was my turn (the wheel was where the cash registers were) I got one million and the right to try again and I got another million. I was happy but did not show much emotions. I exited the store with what seemed a big blanket or sheet that I had on my right side, I thought our car was in the parking lot but when I arrived almost at the end I saw dad arriving super fast, it showed they were both thinking they would get some of it and that made me smile. I was going to sit up front since mom was not there but the four musketeers including Daisy were there in a blanket, Ti-Pit was actually on dad's right arm and almost shoulder, dad got him on the backseat and was going to do the same with the others but I think I sat on the backseat. Then I was visiting a big private island and I made sure that my parents would be there, I second guessed myself but then made a plan to keep them out of my life despite them knowing where I would be right there in my head. When we arrived in the middle and I saw a lake I told the agent that if she could give me proof that all the island would be mine and that there was plenty of fresh water available that I would buy and pay cash, the woman said cash and I said yes and she hurried back where the boat was. I went to see what seemed to be waterfalls but turns out it was something natural that happened once every Springs. I decided to pass there despite the terrain being dangerous to go to the boat and I think at least mom followed. I think this is it.